IT Consulting

What we love most is to hear from a ministry or organization who needs help with their IT systems and wants to complain to someone about what’s wrong. During that first discussion we will immediately start building a plan to make your life easier and your valuable working hours more productive. Don’t assume your issues are too unique or minor to be addressed – we love a good challenge!

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Upgrades and Migrations

We will upgrade your existing network so it’s faster and more reliable. We can also help you decide if it’s best to move your information and software tools to a new solution or adjust what’s already there to make it better. If you’re unsure what you need but know something needs to be improved, don’t worry! We’re happy to look at what you have and recommend the best possible course of action.

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Information Security

It doesn’t matter if you’re a credit card provider or a food pantry – you simply cannot afford to have your private information stolen or lost. IT security is not a new challenge, but it is one of the most important aspects of your network’s design and staff training program. Let us secure your data from prying eyes and protect you from any threat that can impact your resources’ usability.

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Our Mission

To show God’s love to the world through IT service to ministries and organizations that fulfill the Great Commission. We want to remove roadblocks presented by technology and turn IT systems into transparent, well-understood tools that are used to make these organizations better at what they do.

Our Philosophy

We believe that technology has been for many years and will continue to be more and more of an integral part of our lives, both at home and work. While this progression takes place, we find that many technologies are viewed as annoying roadblocks to getting your work done. This is a shame since we think that technology can and should be as transparent as possible. Technology should add to your abilities rather than take time out of your day. You want to spend time on your mission, not on the tools you need to complete your mission. We want to hear your pain with your current IT systems so we know best how to improve your experience – whether it is a PC, server, Internet connection, phone system, smartphone, tablet or printer that’s getting on your nerves lately – we can help!


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