Improve Productivity

Do you find that old, slow equipment is interfering with your team’s ability to complete their assignments quickly? Lack of modern features, adequate storage, fast connections, affordable and friendly support hounding you like the 11th plague? Give us a call.

Personalized Recommendations

We like to start by listening to you tell us about the things that cause you pain and what you wish you could do with technology, then we immediately start developing a plan to make your network work for you instead of against you. We’ll make sure that plan includes resolutions for all of your pain as well as new ideas you may not have thought of!

Ongoing Service and Support

While the solutions we put in place are very reliable, sometimes you just need a helping hand. Whether it’s training for the whole organization or help with a stubborn printer you need, we are always happy to assist. You can always count on a sympathetic ear and fast response when you contact us.

Hardware and Software

In addition to advice and an understanding ear, we can also provide you with access to affordable and powerful hardware such as PCs, monitors, printers, servers, firewalls and other network equipment like super-fast wireless and wired connections. Click here to get started speeding things up today!

Cloud Solutions

Increasingly, familiar – and often expensive – computer equipment like servers and enterprise software are being changed or eliminated in favor of cloud services. If you don’t understand the cloud, that’s OK! We do, and we’ll guide you through the decisions related to choosing whether to use cloud services or not, and what to use them for.

Quote Requests and Contract Negotiations

Sometimes just knowing who to call is half the battle. We will save you time and get you in touch with the right people by requesting quotes for services like internet connections and software agreements and make sure you get the best price possible.

Website Hosting and Design

Many organizations don’t have anyone on staff who knows how to build a website from the ground up and make it look and function like they want it to. We can do this for you and make it so easy to use that anyone on your team can keep your site updated once it’s created, or we will work with you on a continuing basis to keep it updated and looking fresh and fantastic. Click Here to learn more.

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