PCs and Laptops

At some point you just won’t be able to squeeze any more life out of those old PCs. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how affordable new systems can be. We’ll make the replacement process as painless as possible too. Your whole team will be up and running faster than ever before!

Advancements in power-saving technologies have enabled new shapes and sizes for computers. Instead of assuming you are best off with a standard laptop or PC we will ask you questions to determine if there’s a better option for your needs.

Servers and Network

As more services move to the cloud – email, website hosting, file storage, backups – it’s possible that your old server could be retired instead of replaced. If you do need a new server, we’d love to discuss your needs so we can pick out exactly the right model for you and get it installed ASAP. Network hardware like firewalls and switches are critical to your whole network since one failure can cause an outage for the whole team. It is important to keep them updated and maintained. Don’t settle for just a replacement though – let’s make it faster and more secure along the way.

Cloud Services and Software

The days of forking over thousands of dollars for major software updates every few years are quickly coming to an end. Cloud services have replaced most long-term software agreements with a monthly bill that adjusts to your needs. We can help you find solutions that are affordable and powerful. Non-profits usually receive a discount on these services and we know the ins and outs of signing you up for these special rates. Quit putting off calling us – some cloud services are downright free!

Networks Can Always Be Better

Is there a closet somewhere in your office with more wires than you can count going to places long forgotten? Are you terrified someone will ask you what’s in there and why or worse yet – ask you to fix something in there? Do you feel confident in your network’s security right now? It’s not healthy to live in fear. There is always room for improvement when it comes to security, and rest assured those wires can be explained and tamed.

We’ve fixed the worst network situations and made good ones even better. When it comes to single points of failure like network switches, firewalls, battery backup systems and servers, you should be confident that what you have is set up correctly and that there is a backup plan in place. Hackers are always at work finding new ways to cause you headaches – but we’re here to keep you focused on your work instead of their latest shenanigans.

Needs Analysis

With all the options available for network security, wireless coverage, productivity software, printing, monitors, computers and peripherals it would be a tragedy to assume that your needs fit a cookie cutter. Do you want to just get by with the same tools you’ve had for years? Wouldn’t you rather accomplish more with cutting edge innovative and customized solutions that exactly fit your needs?

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We can’t wait to put our skills to work finding the technology that is the perfect fits for your needs!

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